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Christmas – one of the brightest, merriest holidays of the season! Excitement, joy, sweet anticipation of the best are among the feelings people start experiencing right before that holiday.

This is all about us, adults. And what about those babies who have just welcomed the world or are only several months old? They start perceiving the world’s beauty but it’s still a whole new thing for them. Nevertheless, they are able to understand our feelings, sense our vibes. So when we celebrate Christmas, we will also need to explain what that important event means to them. And what could be better than acquainting those babies with this wonderful family holiday through a Christmas Gift Basket for Babies?

Embroidered Holiday bibs, burp pads, Santa hats, Christmas washcloths and stocking, holiday rattles, and many more for their first most exciting holiday! Just imagine that little baby in his or her first Santa outfit! They will look adorable and will surely become the best gifts their parents could receive for Christmas!